Common Skin Problems

People spend thousands of dollars on best dentist in Dubai to beautify their teeth but they forget that their skin needs their attention too. There are many common skin problems and conditions in the world. Some of them are:

Acne: Acne is a skin condition in which there would be pimples, nodules, cysts and white and blackheads on face, neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. There are many creams and lotions to treat them but not all of them are effective; yet it is important to take some medication or the pimples and nodules will turn into scars and spots. Dermatologists prescribe them some medications and creams and recommend them to avoid oily food to flush out pimples and cysts. 

Hives: Red spots on skin and raised itchy areas are called as hives and urticarial. They can be caused of bites of insects, stings of bugs, allergic foods and medications. However, the best way is to keep yourself away from things that cause hives, treatment is important if they have effect on breathing or skin of a person a lot. Dermatologists can treat them with medicines but the patients are required to follow the medication and bring some changes in their lifestyle to get freedom from hives. 

Sunburn: Although sunlight is best way to get Vitamin D, it is not right for your skin to spend long time in sun because ultraviolet lights can cause itching and irritation to your skin. You can have blisters and reddishness on face due to spending long time in sunlight. The best way to cure it is to prevent to stay longer under the sun but go to the dermatologist if blisters and chills are making sunburn more painful and itchy. 

Eczema: Eczema is a skin condition in which there are rashes and red and itchy spots on face, hands, feet and parts of the body. At many times, a fluid is leaked from those spots and rashes. The condition is very common among adults and children. Instead of treating it at home, it is recommended to go to doctor because they can prescribe medications and give you solutions. Many of patients have the dryness, irritation and hair loss as symptoms. 

So, these are a few skin diseases, conditions and problems from which many people are suffering. You can visit different sites to get more information about dermatology and skin. 

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