Dent repair in Dubai

Where there are cities, there will be people and cars. And where there are people and cars, there are bound to be accidents. These accidents can be big and life threatening or small leaving cars with minor dents. But when you are in a huge metropolitan area like Dubai and you don’t know how or where to get those pesky dents repaired, then it might be a problem for you. But luckily not after reading this article!

Whether it’s a small dent or a huge bumper job or an overall car body repair in Dubai, all you need to do is go to a car repair garage. But where can one find a garage in a city as big and full of wonders as  Dubai, let alone a reliable garage. Well for that you need to visit and explore the Al Qouz district in Dubai. 

The Al Qouz District namely district 3 and 4 near Al Barsha is actually a growing market place that focuses on cars, car parts and expert mechanics that can easily manage all automobile issues. These people can fix your dent, help you with car repair in Al Quoz and repaint the area with so much precision that you  won’t be able to find them again no matter how hard you try. And since this is a market place, with loads of competitions, you can expect some good rates if you explore enough.

The average rate of a dent removal starts at around 179 AED for one panel. But if you need a car and scratch removal for up to four panels it can cost you up to  659 AED. These deals includes deep scratch paintwork, minor dent removal, polishing and waxing, a complementary body wash and 6 level paint process. There is even a 2 month guarantee on the paint  that can be claimed if it comes off. However in some garages a pre booking or appointment for this whole process. Some shops even offer special deals of up to 81% off and do a basic dent removal in as low as 29 AED.

There are even professional paintless dent removal services available in select garages if you don’t want to apply or buy a coat of paint or simply can’t find by a rare occasion and want to maintain the pristine condition of your ride without adding some new paint to it.

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