First time mommy? Don’t worry we are here to help you!

Motherhood is a great pleasure especially when a woman is experiencing it for the first time. It comes with so many challenges as well and a new mother often feels that she cannot cope with all that pressure. In this situation she may goes in to the post-partum depression which may not only hurt her but her baby too. The most challenging thing which a new mother has to face is breastfeeding. It is the trickiest thing to do but at the same time once a mother knows about it, she can do it with ease. Most of the hospitals have special Dubai nurse who will assist new mothers in this difficult task and makes it easier for them. If you still got problems in doing breastfeeding Dubai then you are at the right place because here you will get amazing tips to go through the process easily. See the following tips carefully:

Baby need: You need to know about your baby needs and then feed them accordingly. If the baby is not hungry and you force her to feed then she will not latch and you think that you are doing it the wrong way while the reality is different. To know about the hunger of your baby you need to see some signs. One of the signs is that baby will try to turn her head more often than usual or try to raise the head; another sign is that she will open and close her mouth too often. If you didn’t get these signs then don’t worries see that whether she is sticking out her tongue or trying to suck everything on which they reach? If yes then your baby is hungry and ready to latch.

Baby decision: You need to make baby decides about her feeding time and duration. You should not force her to feed for more time or at specific timings because infants have their own needs so you have to respect them if you want a healthy and happy baby. Some people try to wake a sleeping baby in order to feed them which are totally wrong because if the baby feels hungry she will wake up automatically without you forcing her. You also need to let them feed for whatever time she needs to feed and do not try to force her anyway.

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