Different activities for nursery students

There are many montessori nursery in dubai which are operating to provide the best education for the nursery students. You can visit different nurseries to know the better one amongst them but almost all of them are providing the same kind of curriculum which is according to the global standards. For toddlers and pre-school children Nursery in downtown Dubai provides different kind of activities and some of them are as follows:

Rhymes: Different kinds of rhymes are sung to them through which they will learn the alphabets, names of different objects, numbers and colors. They will recognize colors through different rhymes. They will learn the apportionment of different things through these rhymes.

Activities to enhance motor skills: There are thousands of motor skills activities are available for the children of different age. For small children, hand painting and pasting the collage will give them the help in developing their motor skills. For bigger children from the age of three and above there are more activities like beads in the string, placing different objects to the pre-printed shapes, making play food. They will also be provided to separate different things taken from a bowl. They will understand the shapes and keeping them in a meaningful shape like they are provided with eyes, nose, ears and lips to place them on the right place on the face. Many other activities are available on the internet which the parents can do at home too.

Drawing: Children are encouraged to draw and color in nursery because it will increase their grip on the pencil. When they draw something then it will be appreciated. In this way they will express their feelings because children lack the words to express about what they feel. If they know how to draw then you will be better understand about their feelings and then you can handle them more appropriately. The colors they choose will also tell a lot about their personality and mind condition. The children who have a happy family will tend to use the brighter colors while children who face any kind of abuse or see bad behaviors at home will tend to use darker and gloomier shades. You can detect them from their drawings and then try to help them. Drawing will increase their imagination, observation about different objects and thinking abilities.

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