What foods you can have to work as shield for your teeth

Your food has solution of everything. It consists of different nutrients. Each nutrient has its own benefit and advantage that give your body an edge. You can find cure of all diseases and disorders in your food because their being so rich in different compounds which your body needs to remain healthy.

Food can even cure all problems of your mouth too. Mouth is an important part of your body. It is an organ that is responsible for half of the digestion. It has saliva, tongue and teeth.

Teeth are responsible for chewing and tearing food. Many people are concerned about because of beauty. Therefore, they opt for the best dental implants in Dubai or search for dental veneers Dubai to get the desired result.

However you can take care of your teeth via food too. There are many foods you can have daily but some of them are:

Dairy foods: Dairy foods has all nutrients that your jaws, gums and teeth need. Milk gives calcium, magnesia and potassium that okay an important role in keeping jaws and gums firm. They have different vitamins like A and C that make mouth smell pleasant and work as antioxidants. Cheese, on the other hand, has acid that neutralizes the plaque and let enamel shine and glitter with whiteness. Yoghurt has different probiotics, protein and calcium that stick good bacteria more than bad bacteria. Bad bacteria cause gum damage and cavity. Try to have  each of them everyday to ensure protection.

Vegetables and Fruits: Crunchy fruits and vegetables always work as shield because they are rich in vitamins and numerous minerals that give pleasant smell to teeth, brush away or reduce plaque, strengthen enamel,  haws and gums. They have different antioxidants that are important for the well being of teeth. Having salad and two fruits a day in lunch and supper will keep your teeth strong for a lot of years.

Almonds and Raisins: Almonds and raisins have good cholesterol. They lack sucrose and sugar. Therefore, their intake would not harm your mouth. They will provide them more firmness and strength because of good fat. So have at least handful of them everyday to ensure protection. You can have other nuts and dry fruits too to have more protection and guarantee to have strong teeth even at the age of sixty too. Tea: Tea have polyphenols that reduce the growth of bacteria which cause cavity and damage to gums. There are many researchers who say that rinsing teeth with black or green tea is more effective than water. University of Illinois has detailed document on it. So, use the tea every morning and night to keep your teeth healthy.

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